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Spinsters & Casanovas ARC

This ARC List is now closed. 

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Do you love reading romantic comedy? Do you love following the lives of your hero and heroine from beginning to end? Do you cry with them, laugh with them, and share their joy when they are happy? Then sign up to read Clarice and Hunter’s love story in 3 full novels, along with Whitney and Darcy in one full length novel, all for free.


Book 1: Baby Be Mine (ClariceXHunter)

Book 2: Baby I’m Yours (ClariceXHunter)

Book 3: Baby Love Me (ClariceXHunter)

Book 4: Falling for His Boss (WhitneyXDarcy)

I’m looking for ARC readers who are diehard fans of my books. If you think that’s you, then apply using this registration form below.


Your obligation as an ARC reader.


You must have an amazon account and/or ibooks account. If you don’t have one, please create one. It’s free. These are the 2 primary sites you must write your review in. If you can only write in one of the site, that is fine also. In addition, you can also write in your blog or other people’s blog, recommending these books to readers.


When writing your review, please only write positive comments. A negative comment reduces my sales and I need the funds to edit and write more books. If I don’t make money, I can’t write more books. So if you love my work, only rate and write positive reviews.


The closing date for the registration of Spinsters & Casanovas ARC is on Friday 9th June 2017. A password along with page link will be emailed to you. Once you’ve completed each book, go to Amazon US and/or Apple iBooks to rate and write a review.


Email me back the link with your review on it, once you have done it. This is to ensure you’ve done your part. If you rate and write reviews on all four books in this series, your name will automatically be put into my VIP ARC list, where you'll automatically get sent new book release before anyone else to reviews.


Thanks heaps for taking the time to become my ARC readers.


Enjoy my books. And I hope you laugh heaps.


Rosie Praks

Romance Author


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