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The release dates are estimate only. Nearer to the time, the complete book will be moved to the Book List page

Maid to the Mafia: 

Totally Intoxicated

Book 3 in the Maid to the Mafia series

Finished book 1 and 2. Now working on book three in Maid to the Mafia serial featuring Jenny and Giovanni. Details the life of Jenny, the maid, now turned lover to Giovanni, the mafia boss. More hilarious scenes involving alcohol intoxication, abs intoxication and candylicious love scenes (I made that word up candy + delicious *-*).

Release Date:  November 20th 2019

Love Sick: Heartbreaker

Book 1 in the Love Sick Series

New Adult Romance serial featuring Lily and Justin. Heartbreaking, heart retching and swoonilicious (I made that word up again. Swoon + Delicious *-*) (And I don’t mind swooning in front of Justin so he could hold me in his arms). Anyway, be prepared to cry, smile and cuddy up to a teddy bear if you have one because this serial will have you crying a bucket of tears. Literally. I cried when I wrote this. Book 1 is complete. Waiting for editing.

This series occurs in the same universe as Maid to the Mafia and The Billionaire's Twisted Love series.

Release Date: 2020

Let Me Love You

A Zac & Ivy Novel

This series was my first young adult series that I wrote way back in 2014. It has gone through many edits and will finally be released in 2019. It features a couple of characters that's in their late teens navigating through life and the struggles they encounter when they choose to love each other. Have a box of tissue ready. This one will open the tear duct flood gate. Deals with real life issues and first love, forbidden love and all the things that come between them. A bit like Romeo and Juliet. 

Release Date: 2019