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Hi. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the pre-release of the first 4 chapters of Maid to the Mafia: Totally Captivated. This book will be released on September 22nd 2018. If you like it, share it among your friends. If you really like it, preorder the book. It'll make me really happy.

Completely Breathless

A Mafia's First Love Book 1



No food. No energy. No money. 


F*ck my life. Nothing can get worse than this. I’m about to go out on that boxing ring to fight for that $200 in cold hard cash.


It should be easy. I’m primed for this. I’m trained for this. But I’m hungry. I have no food. I’m going to die. Then I see her. She stumbles into my path. 


One look. One lick. One taste. That’s all I need to confirm she’s mine. 




“A kiss, in exchange for saving your life.” That’s what he says to me after he steals my first kiss under the moonlight. 


I’m trying to search for my freedom, escaping from my suffocating family, only to find him; Justin Valenti, the heart-throb idol of our college campus, dubbed Heartbreaker. 


He’s hot. He’s dangerous. Like his name implies, he’s a heartbreaker. There’s no way I’m falling for a guy like him.


But the more I know him, the more I realize he’s an honest and quintessential hardworking man.


And with every touch, he leaves me completely breathless.



Justin Valenti is Giovanni's best friend from Maid to the Mafia. Justin appears in book 3 and 4 of Maid to the Mafia series.


Lily is the the owner of Cafe Love Sick. She appears in book 3 of Maid to the Mafia series.  

This is their story from 7 years ago when they both met and fell in love with each other, before their break up in the current timeline. 

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Completely Enthralled

A Mafia's First Love Book 2

Release Date: MAY 13th 2021



Friends. She wants to be my friend. I don’t want to be her friend. I want to be her man, the one she smiles at, the one she says she loves. But I’m not that person. I can only endure and pretend to hug her when inside I’m dying to hold her, tell her she’s mine. Maybe if we started off on the right foot, have no misunderstanding between us, then she’ll look at me. But I’m not her man. I’m only her friend. 


But a guy can dream… right?




Dream. I always dream for freedom. Justin Valenti. He’s now my dream. He’s now my freedom. How do I tell him that he’s more than my friend? Yes, we started off on the wrong foot but each day, my lovesick fever only grows stronger and I know one day I’ll snap. Maybe tomorrow I’ll tell him. Maybe tomorrow I’ll confess to him that I love him. If only my past didn’t catch up to me.

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A Mafia's Love Book 3

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